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pet sitting.  VetSit is ideal for those seeking exceptional pet care.  VetSit looks forward to caring for all pets and is particularly helpful for pets with medical or behavioral special needs. We offer a unique opportunity for positive training and behavior modification to be reinforced by professionals every visit.  For pets with special medical needs, VetSit can administer medications and monitor conditions while you are away.  

veterinary house calls.  VetSit also offers veterinary house calls, providing compassionate and high quality veterinary care in the intimate environment of your home.  

Dr. Brittany Beall is dedicated to establishing strong bonds with pets and their families outside of the exam room.  

She approaches each house call with the goal of understanding your pet's e

ntire well being.  In addition to providing preventative and diagnostic medical care, Dr. Beall offers nutrition, behavior and care counseling to optimize your pet's well being.

currently accepting new pet-sitting requests for capitol hill and adjacent neighborhoods:

capitol hill, first hill, madison valley, and downtown

accepting new behavior consultations in central seattle

pet sitting services for dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish

veterinary house calls for dogs, cats and small mammals 

licensed, bonded and insured


Brittany Beall, VMD        206-719-4635