A unique veterinary experience offering holistic and personalized care at home.  Dr. Beall's care allows you to have your own primary care veterinarian with a distinctive approach that embraces the whole animal.  


"I'm relatively convinced that she is a vet just because she loves dogs so much that she wanted to spend all of her time around them. The enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine love that she brings into your home is the most comforting thing you could ever ask for."   - Roo's Mom


"I can't speak highly enough of her (Dr. Beall's) magical touch with animals.  She is flexible, thorough, professional, and absolutely adored by Cookie.  I trust Dr. Beall implicitly."  - Cookie's Mom


 "Brittany has been our vet for 6 years. Saying she is our vet is not enough, she is more like family. She cares for and loves our Lab as if he was one of her pets. Brittany responds very quickly, and managing our dogs care is easy. She is very thorough and conservative with treatment, which I like. Could not ask for more.” - Orkney's Dad


"I will never use another vet!  It makes a huge difference having a house call veterinarian."  - Morgan and Codys' Dad