Dr. Beall focuses on general veterinary medicine in the comfort of your home. The types of care Dr. Beall can provide in a house call include wellness care, preventative care, minor illness and injury, and geriatric care.  Areas of special interest include pediatrics and behavior.  When the recommended care requires a facility or a veterinary specialist, Dr. Beall will refer you to one of the trusted veterinary clinics that she associates with in your area.


A house call with Dr. Beall includes a discussion about your pet's medical history and a thorough physical examination.  Dr. Beall will discuss any recommendations for preventative and diagnostic health care, as well as treatment plans when appropriate.  Each consultation is tailored to the individual pet and his or her needs.  For example, a puppy examination may include a long discussion on puppy care, nutrition, socialization and training, whereas an appointment with an older pet suffering from a chronic medical condition may focus on the medical treatment plan.

VACCINATIONS (dogs, cats, ferrets)

Our vaccination protocols are specifically tailored to each individual pet for the best protection against contagious disease without causing unnecessary harm.  Dr. Beall will discuss with you a recommended vaccination schedule depending on your pet's lifestyle, environment, and the presence of other disease processes.  VetSit offers vaccine titers in appropriate cases.


VetSit is able to provide a wide variety of diagnostics in the comfort of your pet's normal environment.  Home diagnostics may include (but are not limited to):  blood and urine samples; aspirates of tumors (a tiny needle is inserted into a tumor to collect cells that are examined microscopically); dermatology specimens to look for infections, mites and other abnormalities of the skin and ears; and culture samples to identify causes of infection.  All tests are sent to a nationally recognized laboratory for evaluation.


A basic behavioral evaluation and accompanying recommendations are included in all Dr. Beall's house call visits.  These will comprise more of the house call when appropriate, such as house calls for puppies or newly adopted pets.  For pets with specific behavior needs such as separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, and fear, Dr. Beall is happy to schedule a behavior consultation house call to allow more time.  If Dr. Beall feels that your pet's case requires additional specialized care, she will refer your case.


All consultations include individualized advice about nutrition and health optimization.  Nutrition is an essential component of your pet's health and preventative care.  Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of many medical conditions, many of which can be maintained simply by providing an appropriate diet.


Dr. Beall is dedicated to providing high quality veterinary care in the comfort of your own home.  VetSit is unable to provide any services that require the use of a facility, such as x-rays, ultrasound, surgery and dental procedures.  When such services are recommended Dr. Beall will refer you to one of the trusted veterinary clinics that she associates with in your area.