Special Needs

Leaving your pet is always difficult, but if you have a sick or special needs pet, having a trusted caretaker is extra important.  As a veterinarian with years of experience as a pet sitter, you can be sure that your pet is in capable and compassionate hands with VetSit.

If you have a pet that requires special care, contact me and we can create a Personal Care Plan catered to your pet's needs.  We are happy to work with your pet's regular veterinarian to ensure the best care and monitoring  - either while you are away or if you simply need an extra hand at home!

In addition to your pet's Personal Care Plan, which will address their specific needs for monitoring and care, we can also administer oral and topical medication, insulin injections, subcutaneous fluids, and blood glucose checks.

Brittany Beall, VMD        206-719-4635           drbeall@vetsit.net